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We apologize for lack of updates. Hope summer treating you all well! Good news, ERDC will start again this upcoming September 19th. Location and time is to be announced, please check back here soon.


We are moving!

Hello! Starting tomorrow we will no longer meet at Spectrum High School building. Instead, we will meet at Spectrum’s 6th grade building. The room number is unknown at this time, but below should help. See you there!

11044 Industrial Circle NW Suite A
Elk River, MN 55330

Farewell Potluck Dinner

What: Farewell Potluck Dinner
Where: Gleason’s House (Not at our usual Deaf Harbor location)
When: September 27th 5:00 PM

As some of you already know, or maybe didn’t know. The Thiessen’s, who have been with us for many wonderful years, have accepted a new job at the Deaf Bible Society and will be moving to Texas soon. We will have a potluck style dinner and worship service to follow. We will miss you Stuart and Linda and may God guide and protect you!

If you need additional information such as address or what to bring, please feel free to contact us! 🙂

[Sun] Change to Wednesdays

The group meeting on Sunday decided to keep everything on Wednesdays. So, when the Wednesday Bible Studies meet at Spectrum, we will just meet there instead. When the Wednesday Bible Studies at Spectrum are done, the group that met on Sundays will just continue to meet on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

If you have any questions about this, just let us know. 🙂

Spring 2015 Bible Studies

We have been given notice that Wednesday Bible Studies will start again on Feb 25, 2015. We will be continuing our studies on Revelation and pick up where we left off last Nov 2014. We pray that you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas/New Year’s break!

Our next meeting will go for another 8 week session. It will be held every Wednesday beginning Feb 25 through April 15 from 6:45-8:15pm at Spectrum High School, 17796 Industrial Circle NW, Elk River MN 55330. (Note: Google Maps correctly points out the location of the school.) When you enter the school premises, there is a one-way road. You need to drive around the school to the other side (south) of the school to park. The entrance to Bible Study is also on the south side. Please enter the building from the south side middle doors. The Commons area will be open from 6:00-9:00pm for your enjoyment and fellowship.

Our partner – Church of Hope (COH) is providing ministry for children again this year up to Grade 7. They also provide Teens ministry up to Grade 12 in another building (about 1/2 mile away). Please come early to Spectrum and talk to the team if you would like more information about this Teens ministry.

This is open to anyone. Please feel free to spread the word that all are welcome. Thanks so much!